Yesemek Ultra Trail is the first ultra trail run of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, organized by Gaziantep Yesemek Rotary Club.Are you ready to explore the path that started in Yesemek Stone Quarry and Sculpture Workshop, which preserves the feature of being the "first open-air sculpture workshop" of the ancient world and where Hittite art elements are predominantly observed, by running among the pine trees, around Tilmen Höyük, by the Karasu River?

    The Yesemek Quarry and Sculpture Workshop, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, was dated to the end of the Hittite imperial era in the 13th century BC. There are more than 600 statues and sculpture sketches in the area, along with around 30 new statues and basalt blocks unearthed during the current excavations of the excavation director, Professor Doctor Atilla Engin. Gate lions, sphinxes and reliefs are exhibited in their natural environment with the excavations still in progress.

    Ensuring as many people as possible to see the largest sculpture school bearing the traces of thousands of years, and exploring the natural beauties of İslahiye district by running and walking will offer a unique experience to the participants. In addition, the main purpose of the Yesemek Ultra Trail is to contribute to the ongoing excavations in the region with the support of the competitors and volunteers.

    If you want to taste the unique flavors of Gaziantep, the city of gastronomy, to witness the natural beauties in this city that smells of history at every point, and to test your limits and strength to the end, we invite you all to Yesemek Ultra Trail, which has 5 magnificent tracks.